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Structure of Parliament: Unicameral

Are there legislated quotas...

  • Yes for the Single/Lower House?
  • No at the Sub-national level?

Are there voluntary quotas...

  • No adopted by political parties?

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(Republic of Panama)

Single/Lower house

Asamblea Nacional / National Assembly

Total seats:71
Total women:6
% women: 8%
Election year:2009
Electoral system:List PR
Quota type: Legislated Candidate Quotas
Election details: IDEA Voter Turnout
IPU Parline
Legal sourceDetails
Quota type:
Legislated Candidate Quotas
Electoral law
Legal sanctions for non-compliance: No No data available
Rank order/placement rules: No No data available

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Last updated 2014-04-07

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Last updated 2013-12-05


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