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Structure of Parliament: Unicameral

Are there legislated quotas...

  • Yes for the Single/Lower House?
  • No at the Sub-national level?

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  • No adopted by political parties?

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(Republic of Panama)

Single/Lower house

Asamblea Nacional / National Assembly

Total seats:71
Total women:11
% women: 15%
Election year:2014
Electoral system:FPTP¤List PR
Quota type: Legislated Candidate Quotas
Election details: IDEA Voter Turnout
IPU Parline
Legal sourceDetails
Quota type:
Legislated Candidate Quotas
Electoral law According to article 239 of the Electoral Code of Panama (amended by Law 54, 2012, Article 6), nomination lists of political parties presented for primaries and internal elections should include 50% women. These lists should be certified by a representative of the women’s secretariats in political parties. If the level of women’s participation is less than the standard provided by this article, and this is attested by the women’s secretariat, the party can fill the vacant candidacies with male candidates.
Legal sanctions for non-compliance: No None
Rank order/placement rules: No None

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Last updated 2015-01-23

Additional information

The mandatory provision of 50 per cent female candidates applies to nomination lists for parties’ primaries and internal elections but not to the parties’ candidate lists in the national or sub-national elections. Furthermore, the regulation is weakened by the provision which allows parties to fill the vacant spots with male candidates. Before the introduction of the 50 per cent rule, the law mandated the requirement of a minimum 30 per cent women in nomination lists.
Last updated 2013-12-05



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